Duck Dynasty Is Being Directed By God, Claims Phil Robertson’s Family [Video]

Duck Dynasty is really all about God, according to Phil Robertson’s family. This includes Si, who says that the Lord God Almighty is directing Duck Dynasty Season 6.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some critics in the LGBT community called Duck Dynasty fake due to the before and after photos of some members of the Robertson family where they’re not exactly sporting their usual long beards. There are even those accusing the Duck Dynasty cast of being on “welfare” because A&E receives tax credits for filming within the state of Louisiana. There is also a lot of talk about the Duck Dynasty ratings taking a dive and critics seem hopeful that we may see Duck Dynasty cancelled some time soon.

When Uncle Si was talking about how certain scenes sometimes do not end up the way the directors intend, he claimed that God is directly blessing the reality TV show when it comes to beavers and catching frogs:

“We was doing a film one day about hunting for the beaver dam, and I said, I laughed at the director, said ‘you actually think you’re directing this thing? The Lord God Mighty is directing ‘Duck Dynasty.'”

It was also revealed that a Duck Dynasty wedding may be in the works. Cast member Justin Martin is not a member of the Robertson family but he works at the Duck Commander headquarters so he is featured on the show often enough. Martin said he proposed to his girlfriend Brittany Brugman last month:

“I dropped on one knee, did it, and she said yes. Now we’re in the stages of planning a wedding and by ‘we,’ I mean her.”

The real question is whether the Duck Dynasty show will feature their wedding in a future episode. Martin is not so sure:

“My preference would be small in the country — just like you see us on TV. Get us down on the bank of a river somewhere. Let’s do this, get it over with and start the next chapter. You can still be busy, you can still run a huge corporation, but you still make time for family. And that’s the message we’re trying to get back to the people of America.”

Do you agree with Phil Robertson’s family that God is using Duck Dynasty for good?

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