‘True Blood’: Heads Will Roll In Series’ Final Season

HBO series True Blood will begin its final season on Sunday night, and ahead of the premiere episode, information has been trickling out about what viewers can expect. One of the show’s producers, Brian Buckner recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and hinted about what we can expect.

Among the themes that will be front and center this year is a healthy dose of violence. That’s not a whole lot different from other seasons, but it appears we’ll see some familiar characters going to the great beyond. In the interview, Buckner was careful to point out, “Heads will roll.”

This True Blood premiere will pick up as if no time has passed between the end of True Blood‘s sixth season and the beginning of its seventh and final season. Last season, the denizens of True Blood‘s Bon Temps were holed up in Merlotte’s and were under attack by a horde of Hep-V invested vampires.

Buckner has made it clear that while True Blood’s other seasons have had one villain that most of the action has centered around, this year the disease of Hep-V will actually be the “big bad.”

Buckner added that Bon Temps will be completely cut off from the rest of the state and the country in the wake of the vampire killing disease. The showrunner says this is a deliberate nod to Hurricane Katrina.

Buckner said that part of the reason they aren’t bringing a big time villain this year is because they want the True Blood regulars to have plenty of screen time. In past years, the villain has had to have some episodes to build him or her up until everyone knows the villain is dangerous.

With this being the final season, the series regulars will get to shine as much as possible. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be a few peripheral characters popping up for one last bow.

Buckner specifically pointed to someone like Sarah Newlin as a character we might see again this year. (Without saying she was definitely coming back). If rumors are true, this season should be quite the barn-burner.

There is even talk that the True Blood series finale could actually be a musical. The big question, of course, will be who is going to die before we get to that potential sendoff. Will all the characters who’ve been there from the beginning make it through?

Will we be saying goodbye to True Blood heroes Bill or Eric or Jason this year? We’ll have to tune into True Blood on Sundays this summer to find out.

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