Aaron Hernandez Kills Over Something As Inconsequential As A ‘Spilled Drink,’ Informant Says

According to a source close to the Aaron Hernandez trial, the former New England tight end had a motive for killing and dumping his friend, Odin Lloyd’s body, at a remote site last year even if the motive is a trivial one.

Investigators now speculate that Hernandez’s anger over two incidents that took place at a nightclub and at his Massachusetts apartment may have led to the slaughter of Lloyd two nights later, The Washington Times reported.

Hernandez “drove the victim to the remote spot, and then he orchestrated his execution,” Assistant District Attorney Bill McCauley said last year.

One of the incidents involved Lloyd seeing guns and ammunition stored at Hernandez’ so-called flophouse, his apartment in Franklin, Massachusetts. The other thing that set off Hernandez was a conversation Lloyd had with two men at a club earlier that night, June 14, 2013, a source tells CNN.

Although the source would not convey to reporters what was said or done to make Hernandez reach his breaking point and to kill, he did compare Hernandez victims actions as “inconsequential” and said is was something as “insignificant as a spilled drink” that purportedly led to the 2012 Boston double murder of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, a case which Hernandez has also plead not guilty.

Despite earlier theories by authorities, Lloyd’s death was not brought on by the belief that Hernandez may have suspected Lloyd of knowing about the 2012 murders.

This week in court, prosecutors said that witnesses came forward saying that Hernandez was seen in the parking lot of a Boston nightclub angry and with his arms waiving — seemingly agitated. The parking valet also witnessed the disgraced former footballer putting a gun in his waistband as he got into his vehicle and the situation carried on.

In June 2013, Lloyd was picked up in a car driven by Hernandez with two of his friends, taken to an industrial park, shot and killed, according to prosecutors. Those associates have also been charged with first-degree murder and, like Hernandez, have pleaded not guilty.

Currently prosecutors are looking to file a motion to subpoena Hernandez’s work and medical records to look into his mental state during the time of Lloyd’s murder.

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