Robbery Suspect ‘Bets’ That Victim Doesn’t Have A Gun, Ends Up Getting Shot

A robbery suspect in Mississippi might want to give up gambling.

The suspect reportedly approached a man in Jackson asking for a cigarette, but when the man said he didn’t have any cigarettes, the suspect pulled out a gun and made a bet that the man wasn’t armed himself.

Officer Colendula Green recounted what happened next:

“At that time the complainant advised he didn’t [have a cigarette]. As the unknown male proceeded to turn around he turned back towards the complainant advising the complainant ‘I bet you don’t have one of these’, pointing a gun in his direction. At that point the complainant pulled out his weapon and began firing shots.”

The would be robber ended up getting shot and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Stories of victims fighting back are always popular, and the story of the ill-advised bet has made the rounds on national news sites.

This isn’t the first incident of a would-be victim turning the tables on a suspect. Earlier this week, a 79-year-old war veteran fought back when a robber pulled a gun in a gas station parking lot.

“He kept saying: ‘ Give it up old man, give it up old man,'” said Marvin Lail. “He was not getting my money.”

Lail also had a gun in his car, but couldn’t reach it at the time, so he fought off the robber instead. An employee of a nearby store saw the struggle and scared off the suspect, who was only able to away with a bit of cash.

Afterward, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office praised the man for his actions.

“Mr. Lail followed his guts, and it worked out for him,” said spokeswoman Jane Watrel. “Each incident is different, and we ask to people to follow their instincts.”

The would-be victim in the Mississippi incident is reportedly doing fine and won’t be charged. The suspect, however, might want to think twice the next time he bets that his victim is unarmed.

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