Texas Day Care Owner Caught On Camera Tying 3-Year-Old To Bed

Concerned parents descended upon the co-owner of the Heart2Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park on Thursday, following a picture they saw of a toddler at the facility being tied to a bed during rest time.

The disturbing image, which circulated among parents whose kids go to the school, shows a child napping, and being secured by two strips of duct tape over his blanket, one near his feet and the other near his shoulders.

The picture was taken by a former worker at the school, who sent it to parents out of concern for the welfare of the children being cared for at the Montessori Academy.

The parent of the child in the picture, Lorrie Almquist, told reporters that Pam Decker, the co-owner of the day-care center, called her on Wednesday and admitted that some children had been restrained in this way while they slept.

“I was honestly in such shock, I had no words to say to her. I was immediately angry. Upset,” Almquist said, continuing, “She was very apologetic, and told me it was something that probably shouldn’t have been done.”

Academy director Ashlea Pena sent an email to parents in which she wrote: “Mrs. Decker is devastated by a very foolish decision she made.” She goes on to say the child in the photo was “in no way harmed or caused any distress.”

The complaint is currently being investigated by Child Protective Services as it is considered to be a prohibited punishment for the children. Part of the investigation is focusing on allegations that the school withheld water from children, and placed them in empty rooms.

One of the other parents who sends her child to the school said: “Obviously, I’m concerned. but the meeting went well.”

On Thursday, the Heart2Heart Academy released a statement to News 8, saying “The school has an exemplary performance history, and will work with childcare licensing authorities.”

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