Mike Tyson Reveals His ‘Special’ Omelet Recipe On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mike Tyson may be a man of many facets, but no one would guess that he holds cooking dear. Hence it was quite a surprise when the former heavy weight boxing champion made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and proceeded to exhibit the fine art of making an omelet that he likes.

Mike Tyson went all Martha Stewart on Kimmel’s show, arriving wearing an apron, sans the trademark chef’s hat. As the lovable giant has a clean head, guess he didn’t need the tuque. Tyson was apparently all geared up to instruct the host and the audience in the art of making his favorite omelet. But the outcome was apparently as predictable as his yesteryear fights with lesser mortals. Mike Tyson’s omelet looked like what amateur cooks, who take cookery lessons, would turn-in.

Playing along like a good host, Jimmy ‘understood’ that Mike’s omelet recipe was “special”, but Mike was quite prepared to exhibit his culinary skills in his trademark, ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ manner and needless to say, hilarity ensued.

Mike preferred separation of egg-whites and yolk, but Jimmy poured in both the components and requested Mike Tyson to simply make his omelet now that they had got mixed-up. Mike agreed and proceeded to “batter-up” the eggs. Though Mike poured the eggs, he strangely chose to ignore the ingredients that typically go into omelets. Instead Mike chose to focus on the basics and preferred the garlic as “it kills germs”, before adding mushroom and “pepper stuff”, reported LA Times.

Mike Tyson has always been quite funny at heart. Recently, he jokingly ‘bullied’ UFC President Dana White into giving up his seat on a jet and then scrawled D**K on his forehead, all in the name of humor. However, on Jimmy’s show, Mike appeared quite sincere, but allowed the audience to giggle throughout the time that he was preparing his ‘special’ omelet, reported And Pop.

It is certainly a little hard to know if Mike was humoring the audience and Jimmy, but interestingly, he didn’t allow himself or the host to take the first bite. Instead Mike Tyson added ground pepper and hot sauce to the omelet and took the plate to the audience for tasting. The lucky or unlucky man who Mike Tyson approached, giggle nervously as Mike Tyson actually fed him. The man managed to give a thumbs-up. We still don’t know whether the member of the audience had any guts to offer an honest opinion. Perhaps Mike Tyson is a good cook after all?

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