Watch Mike Tyson Bullying UFC Prez Dana White On A Plane And Then Writing D**k, You Know Where

Mike Tyson is never a person to be clashed with. Even UFC President Dana White knows this. On a recent plane journey, the heavy-weight boxer literally ousted Dana White from his seat and got comfortable himself.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White always prefers to travel in uber-comfort and style. That means private jets and limousines. While he mostly travels with a small entourage, he might reconsider travelling with yesteryear boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Dana White recently got woken up in a rather rude manner by none other than Mike Tyson. Though Dana wouldn’t have even batted an eyelid or even bothered with anyone else, when Mike Tyson demands you vacate the seat that he wants, you better scurry. Even Dana White knew better than refuse Mr. Tyson, reported Fox News

The video posted on Dana White’s Instagram account, you can see Uncle Dana resting peacefully, when all of a sudden he gets smacked on the arm by someone telling him to move as if Dana was in his seat. Though there are no ‘reserved’ seats on corporate jets, that ‘someone’ was none other than Mike Tyson.

Dana instantly realizes that its inadvisable to scuffle with Mike over a seat, begins to sheepishly get up, but grumbles along the way, “B..bbut, I like this seat,” says Dana. To this, Mike instantly says in his usually gruff but unusually high-pitched voice, “I like it better.” Dana is quietly seen changing his seat to an adjacent one on the laterally opposite side and giving a surprised, bemused, but helpless look.

Mike Tyson meanwhile is busy making his seat comfortable and even takes a neck pillow, all the while smirking about his calm confidence of having bettered the UFC President, one of the most feared leaders of an organization that has buffed-up men cracking bones. While Mike surely wasn’t quite serious, White wasn’t prepared to wait and find out!

Despite what the video might imply, Dana White and Mike Tyson are close buddies and are often found deep in discussion or cracking jokes. Their camaraderie became quite visible during the same plane journey. While Dana was sound asleep on the long journey, Mike quietly went across and scrawled D**K across Dana’s face, reported SB Nation.

Mike Tyson Scrawled D**K On UFC Prez. Dana White’s Forehead

While it isn’t clear how long they let White go before letting him in on the joke, Dana’s reaction on Instagram summarizes his thoughts, “Alright it’s official no more flying with @miketyson!!!!,” wrote Dana.

[Image Credit | SB Nation, FoxSports]

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