Hidden Within Immigration Reform Is The Dream Act That Tests The Moral Fitness Of The United States

Immigration reform has been a simmering topic for quite some time. Its proponents and opponents have put forth equally compelling arguments. However, arguments don’t help the illegal poor people who often bet their all to get into the land of dreams.

Interestingly, the privileged class has always taken a kind stand towards the illegal immigrants. Billionaires, professional bipartisan & many others have always wanted some kind of amnesty extended to these illegal residents. Ironically though, immigration reforms that may offer some protection could not only be in favor of the immigrants, but it might be a moral win for almost everyone, from corporations to labor unions to Republican politicians, reported NY Times.

There is a sub-section in the immigration reform appeal process that could shake the very foundation and restore faith in humanity. Aptly titled the Dream Act, this immigration reform, if enforced, would open up a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who arrived as minors. In other words, children who snuck-in or were smuggled into the country by their parents or guardians would receive opportunities to become US citizens.

Needless to say, if comprehensive immigration reform has been described as a no-brainer, the Dream Act has been portrayed as a test of basic moral fitness. Isn’t opposing these young men and women directly mean opposing all that’s decent, humanitarian and plain just?

If the problem of sealing borders from adults has been a task of gargantuan proportions, then ensuring minors do not trespass has been a near impossible one. The problem hasn’t been more acutely faced than now. For the last few years, the Southern border has been witnessing heavy immigration, especially by unaccompanied minors. Thousands from Central America have willingly taken the treacherous journey to the U.S.-Mexico border, firmly believing that some sort of legal status awaits them upon their arrival in the U.S.

The Number Of Illegal Immigrants Who Are Minors Has Doubled & Quadrupled In The Last Two Years

The problem is surely acute and will only escalate. To get a scale of the immigration, consider the fact that before the surge, owing to the perceived or proposed benefit, about 20,000 unaccompanied children had been intercepted. But since the last couple of years, the time when President Barrack Obama has begun to show compassion for these children, the number has more than doubled and later quadrupled, reported Think Progress.

Misperception, often fueled by smugglers has been the root cause of such illegal immigration. Though it is inevitable that the borders of the U.S be sealed, should immigration reforms include support for these minors once they successfully penetrate the country?

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