Star Trek Phase 2 TV Series Kickstarter Blasts By 2014 Goal, Will Release New Episodes On The Web

The Star Trek Phase 2 TV series launched a Kickstarter earlier in 2014 and now that they have recently met their goal, they should be releasing new episodes on the web in the coming months.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Star Trek 3 release date for the movie was confirmed for 2016. Otherwise there has not been much news about the movie (we do not even know anything about the plot or who is being cast in the new movie) but there has been a lot of science related news. A Star Trek teleportation device may really be possible, and even Star Trek medical technology is being proven to be possible in practice and some hospitals are starting to implement the new technology. Those who hope to see an Enterprise floating in orbit above Earth some day had their hopes beamed up when it was shown that NASA is working on a Star Trek style warp speed capable spacecraft.

A recent rumor claimed that a new Star Trek TV series was in the works, according to Star Trek author Larry Nemecek:

“Nemecek revealed that Netflix has indeed approached CBS Broadcasting, Inc. on ‘hosting’ a Netflix exclusive new Star Trek -series. The streaming provider, we were told, followed-up with a formal proposal in which any new potential Trek series becoming a ‘Netflix Original’ with Netflix producing the series entirely.”

Unfortunately, Nemecek shot down the report by writing on his blog that it was completely baseless.

The good news is that Star Trek Phase 2 is jumping to warp speed soon based upon an infusion of cash. The web series was launched in 2003 after Paramount cancelled plans for a new TV series that would have focused on the continuing adventures of Captain Kirk. So far nine episodes have been released, and a tenth episode called “The Holiest Thing” will even have a new Captain Kirk as played by actor Brian Gross. To give you an idea, some reports are claiming that trekkies are saying Gross is a “better Captain Kirk than Captain Kirk.” Sounds like fighting words, eh William Shatner?

The creators behind Star Trek Phase 2 have been busy recreating the original set using the blueprints from 1966. Each episode costs about $15,000 to make, and as of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign is up to $64,917 — which means they beat their original goal of only $10,000 by a large amount. If their budget estimates are on mark, then it’s possible we’ll see at least four episodes in the short term.