1 Minute Parking Sign A Huge Fail In Los Angeles: ‘You Had One Job’ Meme In Action

Have you ever heard of 1 minute parking? According to The Los Angeles Times, a sign on San Vicente Boulevard in California advertised such a thing. The sign has given the “You had one job” meme another one for the books. While you might think that parking in Los Angeles is crazy enough, this sign wasn’t actually put up to make life even more stressful. It was actually (thankfully) a typo. According to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the sign should have read “1 hour parking.”

LA Times staff writer Laura Davis snapped a picture of the sign and posted it on Reddit. It did not take long for the photo to go viral — and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation got wind of the mistake soon after that. The sign has already been replaced.

A 1 minute parking sign seems a bit dumb, anyway. What would actually be the point? Even still, people likely thought that the sign was legit — or maybe no one actually paid attention to it. Perhaps chancing a ticket was something people were willing to do, just to be able to park on San Vicente Boulevard. Thankfully, people will actually have an hour to do what they need to do before their car is targeted for a parking violation.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the sign has been hanging on the pole since 2011. LDOT spokesperson, Jonathan Hui, said:

“The sign was reported on Wednesday, June 18. We fabricated a new sign and replaced it today, June 20, around 11 a.m.”

Other internet memes might be picking up serious steam — like Grumpy Cat. Apparently the mad kitty has landed a role in a new movie. According to The Inquisitr, Lifetime is ready to give the little guy his own 90 minutes (or so) of fame by way of the small screen. The movie is set to begin filming this summer and will be a “holiday movie.” Chances are the Los Angeles Department of Transportation will not be getting a movie deal thanks to their mess up. However, it is possible that their sign will be featured on “You Had One Job” memes on the internet for years to come.

If you saw the 1 minute parking sign, would have you taken it seriously?

[Photo courtesy of Laura Davis / Los Angeles Times]