Father and Daughter Car Chase: Burglar Suspects Caught Red-Handed, Plastic Surgeon And Daughter Go After Suspects

A father and daughter car chase took place in a south Houston neighborhood after a plastic surgeon noticed burglary suspects pulling their truck out of his driveway. In an incredibly brave move, the surgeon and his daughter hopped into their own rig and boldly chased after their vehicle. Calling the police was a step they chose to skip in this instance.

KHOU in Houston reports that the daughter drove while her father used his cell phone to record a video of the whole scene unfold. When the burglar suspects realized they were being followed, they stepped on the gas. Unable to flee from the daughter’s skillful driving, the suspects slammed on the breaks, threw the truck into reverse, and backed into the victim’s vehicle. That didn’t faze the doctor and his daughter one bit. In fact, it motivated them more. The suspects put the gear into drive again, drove straight ahead, and the victims turned around. The father and daughter were ready for anything.

As the suspected criminals raced towards the victims’ vehicle — the front of their truck now facing them — the doctor’s daughter sped in reverse. The suspects hit the passenger’s side, and they went flying into a ditch. Luckily, it all turned out alright after this crazy car chase.

According to Sky News, this is what the doctor says about the robberies that have taken place in his neighborhood:

“I’m tired of these people taking advantage of us. We’re not going to tolerate it anymore in our neighborhood.”

Officers arrested two of the burglars, but the third one got away.

The surgeon adds that his daughter is a “hard-nosed” girl, thus explaining why she shows no fear whatsoever in the car chase, judging by the video footage. She suffered whiplash from the suspects running into the vehicle she drove, but was released from the hospital.

Law enforcement was able to recover the items stolen from the doctor’s home that were in the back of the suspects’ truck.

Police strongly urge people not take the law into their own hands like this. The doctor says he would do it again if needed.

To view coverage of this father and daughter burglar car chase, click here to watch. The wild chase is clearly dangerous and the alleged criminals weren’t afraid to stick around and crash into the victims’ vehicle. Luckily, they lost in this case and the surgeon and his daughter weren’t seriously injured.

[Photo Credits: KHOU-TV via The Blaze]