Lionel Messi Scores Goal Leading To Argentina Win Over Iran In World Cup (Video)

Talk about an amazing goal, and it only took 90 minutes! Argentina’s Lionel Messi scored the one and only goal of the entire match between Iran and Argentina in the Saturday matchup between the two soccer-crazed nations.

The goal, only hours old, is already making a splash online and has already gotten the GIF treatment.

The Huffington Post has more on Saturday’s matchup between the two nations:

“After being stifled for the entire match by the disciplined Iran defense, Messi found a bit of space near the edge of the penalty area in the first minute of stoppage time. Taking a few quick touches of the ball after receiving a pass from teammate Ezequiel Lavezzi, Messi slid to his left and unfurled a brilliant, curling left-footed shot that found its way past diving Iran goalkeeper Alireza Haghighi. The reaction of Iran defender Amirhossein Sadeghi as the ball soared into the goal captured the heartbreak of surrendering a decisive goal at that moment.”

Messi’s goal in the Saturday matchup between Argentina and Iran. [Image via The Huffington Post]

ESPN has the video, along with the play by play audio of Messi’s moment of glory, available on its website.

Messi’s amazing feat comes shortly after The Inquisitr reported on Kobe Bryant commenting on Messi’s experience and skill in comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.

“I think for the last five years, Messi has been the best player in the world. I think this year, Ronaldo has really taken his game to another level to a point where you can consider him the best in the world at the moment. But you always know Messi is lurking in the corner, you know he can explode any given time.”

I think it’s fair to say that Messi exploded today.

The Inquisitr‘s Patricia Didelot went on to note that while both players are solid and skilled on the grass, the World Cup may not be the best time to have debates on who may be the world’s best soccer player.

“The World Cup may not be the best stage to determine who the best is in the Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi debate, as both players had a long, tough season with their respective clubs and are not in the best physical condition at this point. But who knows? One of them may surprise us with a performance worthy of the title of ‘best in the world.'”

What do you think? Is Messi the best? Is now the best time to be talking about either man’s skill?

[Image via Screenshot]

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