Velociraptor Prank Has Dinosaur Roaming In An Office [Video]

A velociraptor prank video has someone in a dinosaur costume roaming around in an office scaring all the workers with realistic sounds (although if you take one look at the legs, it is obvious there is a person inside that costume).

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a recent study claims that dinosaurs were lukewarm-blooded, which means they had an odd hybrid of the internal systems that maintain body heat featured in modern species. But if you are a big fan of dinosaurs, then I would suggest checking out the Titanosaurus dinosaur, which was compared to “two trucks with trailers and the weight of 14 elephants.” If you like controversy, then you might want to check out the creationist claim by Ken Ham that dinosaurs were on Noah’s ark. Ever since the movie came out, Noah’s Ark has been under fire, and Bill Nye even claimed the Bible’s version could not float. But as it turns out, when scientists tested the dimensions of Noah’s Ark, they discovered it worked very well in theory, and even dinosaurs could have fit within.

But enough of the science stuff… we want dinosaur prank videos! The one with the velociraptor is interesting because it turns out you can purchase the costume yourself and wear it about town. Unfortunately, only the rich and bored idle can afford to pull off such pranks since the starting cost for most velociraptor costumes is in the range of $5,000 to $10,000. While I’m not sure which one was used in the above video, it is probably one of the more expensive ones considering all the capabilities it has.

But if you want a better view of the velociraptor costume video, I’d check out this one which shows the dino attacking a car:

The other thing that you might remember about the velociraptor from movies is that they are fast. South Korean researchers copied the design of the velociraptor legs in order to create a velociraptor robot that can pull off 100 meters in 7.8 seconds and will even have a tail like the actual dinosaur:

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