Dinosaurs Were On Noah’s Ark, Creationist Ken Ham Claims [Video]

The seeming absence of dinosaurs from the Biblical narrative has caused a ton of controversy among creationists and evolutionists over the years, but just because these prehistoric beasts aren’t mentioned by any name we know them by in the Bible doesn’t mean they weren’t there. They even could have been on Noah’s Ark, claims one creationist.

Despite popular opinion, Ken Ham, the president, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S. and the Creation Museum, said that dinosaurs and man did in fact co-exist in an ad for his museum released this week.

Though evolution proponents have used dinosaurs in an attempt to disprove a literal reading of the Bible, Ham argues that the existence of these large, reptilian beasts actually supports a creationist narrative.

“Evolution has claimed dinosaurs evolved over 200 million years ago, that nobody ever lived with them,” Ham said.

“But the Bible gives a different history. God tells us that he created all land animals the same day he created man, about 6,000 years ago. What’s more, there are even dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark because God told Noah to take pairs of every land animal.”

He said that “dinosaurs are no mystery at all,” as long as you believe a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Moderate Christians tend to favor a combination of evolution and creationism sometimes called “guided evolution” which allows for scientific explanations of the origin of our universe, though suggest that either the ingredients were all set in motion by a God (or a similar “first mover”) or that such a God played a more active role in the process in order to create man in his own image.

From that perspective, it’s actually okay that the Bible doesn’t really mention dinosaurs as living beside man. It almost would complicate Biblical tradition more if the text did.

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