Kandi Burruss Pregnant? Todd Tucker Makes Mama Joyce Mad As A Baby On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

When Todd Tucker called Kandi Burruss pregnant you would think the response from Mama Joyce would have included some cries of joy over a future baby. But in this case, Todd probably had it coming…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a fight between Porsha and Kenya Moore led to police being called and the other Real Housewives of Atlanta stars reportedly banded together to keep Porsha on the show, but NeNe Leakes claims this would never have happened. Things got even more interesting when Cynthia Bailey and Kandi were asked if NeNe could get them fired from the RHOA show. There was even a rumor that the producers may have the Queen Bee herself fired because she is demanding a crazy raise in pay in addition to extra perks.

As everyone knows by now, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta family drama between Kandi Burruss’ mother and Tucker nearly derailed their wedding plans. But now that the wedding is behind them, they have a whole new level of family drama to create.

In this case Todd convinced Mama Joyce for a brief time that he had already gotten Kandi Burruss pregnant and that a baby was on the way. The whole thing started at Kandi’s house and, as usual, Todd and Joyce were battling it out verbally. When Todd’s mother ducked out of the room Joyce sarcastically claimed, “I’m glad she got her drunk ass out of here.” Todd shot back that she was not drunk — just sick of Joyce’s bad attitude.

In response, Joyce said:

“I want my daughter to be happy. I just don’t feel like Todd is the man for her to be happy with.”

That’s when Todd decided to announce Kandi Burruss’ pregnancy to the whole family. While nearly everyone was delighted, Joyce was about as mad as a baby denied its way since Kandi said, “The look on her face tells me she still wants to fight.” Never mind the fact that Todd made the whole thing up as a joke!

Besides the continuing battle with Mama Joyce, Kandi says their careers are making it difficult for the newlyweds. However, they have figured out a system for making it work:

“I guess we still don’t feel married yet. We went from seeing each other and being together every day to a long-distance relationship—because he’s in L.A. producing his show, Hollywood Divas, for TV One, so we see each other on the weekends. Sometimes we don’t even get to do that. We make it work through a lot of communication, and we try to see each other as often as possible. There was a time when we both got really busy and went a while without seeing each other. I actually was getting really upset, almost crying. I called him fussing one day and, as I was fussing, he came through the door and surprised me. To me, you have to do things like that and make your relationship a priority. Our new rule is to not let two weeks go by without spending time together. That’s the limit.”

What do you think about Mama Joyce’s reaction to Todd Tuck calling Kandi Burruss pregnant?