Alicia Keys Is The New Face Of Givenchy Fragrance ‘Dahlia Divin’

Riccardo Tisci seems to have quite an eye for leading ladies. Along with co-creating the dress worn in the most liked Instagram picture of all time, he has been busy working with Alicia Keys for a new Givenchy fragrance campaign.

People magazine has posted a picture of the new fragrance campaign that features a glowing Alicia Keys looking stunning as the face for “Dahlia Divin.” In the feature, Alicia Keys discusses working with Riccardo:

“Spiritually we’re a lot alike. The fashion world can make you a little soulless. So when I met him, it was nice to see that he’s really soulful. As time passed, [the fragrance] came to fruition. I love what Givenchy is about. Givenchy is this timeless, chic, but very strong woman, but with an edgier, almost street feel. I love that she’s raw, but she’s powerful — and that’s who I believe I am, too.”

According to the report, Keys and Tisci have worked together before. When Alicia threw a series of anniversary concerts to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the release of her first album, she sought out Tisci to style her.

Alicia Keys has been busy managing a blossoming career and being a mother and wife. She is also running a recording studio known as Chelsea studios, is in partnerships with both Reebok and Blackberry, and has begun directing. She certainly is a woman on the move and her new photo as the fearless, fresh-faced woman in the new Givenchy ad proves it!

The house of Givenchy has been in the news a lot lately: when Kim Kardashian chose a custom haute couture Givenchy gown as her wedding dress and Kendall Jenner shot an ad campaign to help promote their fall 2014 line. The fashion house is gearing up for New York Fashion Week in September, so it’s likely that we’ll hear more from them throughout the summer.

As far as Alicia Key’s impression of the Givenchy fragrance? She tells Women’s Wear Daily the following about the fragrance:

“As women, we are very diverse — but strong and passionate, This scent is grounded, but still has a femininity that is very earthy, and I love that.”

The scent incorporates use of jasmine, mirabelle plum, and patchouli, and is set to be released in, yep, you guessed it, September of this year.

What’s next for Alicia Keys? She is currently working on a new album and hopes to release it in 2015.

Check back with The Inquisitr for more Alicia Keys news and for updates on her new album as details develop.