Giant Natal Sinkhole Devours Cars And Homes Near 2014 World Cup Venue

The 2014 World Cup has already seen its share of protests and disasters. But no one could have predicted a disaster of this kind. Over 150 families living in the city of Natal in northern Brazil have been hit by the giant sinkhole. While it didn’t claim any lives, the giant Natal sinkhole has reportedly caused millions of dollars worth of property already, reports Metro. The report adds that the location of the Natal sinkhole is not very far from the Dunas Arena which is the venue for several matches in the 2014 World Cup.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the area around the Natal sinkhole has been experiencing heavy rainfall in the past few days. This is mainly believed to be the cause for the sinkhole. The report also states that the size of the sinkhole is widening with each passing day.

The Natal sinkhole is claimed to have already consumed several homes and cars. Rescue and disaster management teams have already been called into service by the Brazilian government. As mentioned earlier, over 150 families have been affected by this problem. The country is already facing a bunch of other problems, including violent protests on the eve of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Brazilian president Dilma Roussef has sent one of his top officials to the area affected by the Natal sinkhole. He says this was done in an effort to oversee the aid efforts that are underway in the region. The Brazilian government says that they have concrete plans to rehabilitate the people affected by the sinkhole. According to Integration Minister Francisco Teixeira, the government will develop a plan that will attempt to stabilize the soil in the area and rebuild the entire drainage system there in a move to prevent a similar tragedy. As an immediate measure, the local authorities also plan to preemptively raze homes that they believe would be devoured by the Natal sinkhole, as it increases in diameter.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the city, Natal is readying itself to host the next match between Italy and Uruguay on Tuesday. The 2014 World Cup hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk for the Brazilian authorities. The Natal sinkhole is just one of the many problems the country faces as the tournament progresses.

[Image Via TV NZ]

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