‘Vampire Diaries’ Actor Kendrick Sampson Looks A Lot Like Photogenic Criminal Jeremy Meeks

Vampire Diaries actor Kendrick Sampson strongly resembles a certain hunky criminal whose mugshot has made the rounds in recent days.

Should an opportunistic producer out there in Hollywood decide to make a motion picture centered around photogenic criminal Jeremy Meeks, at least they have someone who already looks the part. Shortly after the guy’s mugshot caught fire on social media, the Vampire Diaries star decided to have a little fun with the situation.

According to Just Jared, Sampson shared a photo of Meeks with the caption, “My next role.” The guys do favor one another, though it’s debatable which one makes the ladies swoon the most. While you’re trying to figure out which fella will win this contest, take a look at the image Kendrick posted earlier this week.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Vampire Diaries actor and somehow missed the image at the top of this article, then you should probably feast your eyes on the photo below. It’s safe to say that Sampson has the Meeks role in the bag.

While the Vampire Diaries alum tries to convince a studio to tell Meeks’ story on the big screen, the rest of the planet is content to gaze lovingly at the world’s hottest thug on their computer screens. While even this writer has to admit that Jeremy is easy on the eyes, others believe that people have essentially lost the plot.

Stockton Police Department spokesperson Joseph Silva told The Associated Press that folks shouldn’t get too lost in the thug’s baby blue eyes. Although Meeks could pass for a blood-sucker on The Vampire Diaries, Silva explained that the thug is one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.” That certainly puts things into perspective.

However, most people really don’t seem to care.

Do you think Vampire Diaries actor Kendrick Sampson is the right guy to play Jeremy Meeks on the big screen?

[Top Image via KendrickSampson.com]