Music Lover Dog Doesn’t Like It When The Guitar Stops Playing! [Video]

A video of a dog changing its expressions when a piece of music being played by his owner on a guitar suddenly stops is going viral on YouTube.

The video is actually a few months old, but has only been noticed by people now, it seems. Uploaded back in October 2013, the video shows the adorable looking Golden Retriever sitting (presumably) in front of his owner with great interest. The owner then starts playing a few chords on the guitar. In response, the dog is seen moving his head as if in sync with the tempo of the song. Then, the owner stops playing suddenly. The change in the dog’s expression is noticeable. The rocking of the head stops and his mouth suddenly closes.

It seems that the dog didn’t particularly like the fact that the music stopped.

Then, the player starts playing again. The dog is again seen rocking its head and opening its mouth — as if it is enjoying what it is hearing. Then, the player stops again — as if to check what the reaction of the dog would be. As you might have expected, the dog’s reaction is the same. The rocking of the head stops and the mouth shuts.

The entire sequence is repeated for the entire duration of the 1 minute 21 second video. At the end of it, I am sure most of you will be convinced that this dog, at least by the looks of it, seems to have some taste in music.

It is still unclear at this stage if the dog is responding to the owner’s music or simply changing the expressions in response to some signals being given by the owner.

Anyway, it sure makes for an adorable video! Take a look and decide for yourselves! Is this the most talented dog you have ever seen?

[Image via YouTube]