‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Is A Hit In South Korea

Edge of Tomorrow may have failed to connect with moviegoers in North America, but apparently the flick is doing pretty well in other markets.

As of this writing, the big-budget adaptation of author Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel All You Need is Kill has only scraped together approximately $64 million at the domestic box office. Considering the movie cost approximately $178 million to produce, the folks at Warner Bros. probably aren’t too happy with the situation at the moment.

Fortunately for the studio, things are certainly looking much brighter overseas. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Edge of Tomorrow has topped the South Korean box office for two weeks in a row. As of June 16, acclaimed director Doug Liman’s action-packed time travel flick has grossed around $25.6 million in the country. This is roughly a third of the cash Edge of Tomorrow has generated in the U.S.

The adaptation was also well-received in China. During its first week in theaters, Edge of Tomorrow took home an impressive $25 million. With a little help from overseas markets, Warner Bros. has essentially recouped the movie’s production budget.

Altogether, Edge of Tomorrow has amassed $245 million in receipts, $181 million of which has come from foreign moviegoers. The question remains: Will Hollywood continue to dump buckets of cash into motion pictures that only make their money overseas?

Tom Cruise’s latest cinematic effort isn’t the only pricey Hollywood movie that has benefited from strong ticket sales outside North America this year. Director Jose Padilha’s surprisingly enjoyable RoboCop reboot struggled to make a dent at the box office in the U.S., earning just $58 million during its run through theaters.

Fortunately for the boys and girls over at Sony Pictures, RoboCop eventually found an audience overseas. At the end of the day, the remake cobbled together $184 million from foreign moviegoers, which pushed its worldwide total to a respectable $242 million. Considering the studio spent $100 million on the flick, this was certainly good news.

Of course, Edge of Tomorrow could end up making even more money when it finds its way onto home video. Chances are quite a few people will pick up the movie on DVD or Blu-ray, especially since the flick has a number of strong reviews under its belt. The movie also has an IMDb score of 8.2, which is fairly impressive for this kind of picture.

Were you one of the few people who caught Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow in theaters? Do you think the film’s lackluster performance in North America could spell certain cinematic doom for non-mainstream adaptations?

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]