How good is Justin Verlander?

Detroit Tigers Starting Pitcher Justin Verlander is scary good. He is in his seventh year with the Tigers, and he has really stepped into his own this year. Granted he had thrown a perfect game (before 2011) and won nearly 20 games in each of the last two seasons, but this year he has been nearly unhittable. He has added another no hit game to his resume and today lost another no hit bid in the eight inning. That is the second time he has lost a no hit bid late in game in the 2011 season.

When today began he had a 2.34 ERA, and that number will be coming down. He just won his 15th game, and looks to be a sure lock to win 20 in 2011. He has pitched 173 innings for the Tigers and has 169 strike outs to just 34 base on balls (those numbers do not include today's spectacular performance against Jared Weaver of the Los Angeles Angels).

The good news here for Tigers fans is Verlander has cemented his position as a true Ace for this team. As a lifelong Tigers fans I can attest to the fact that many Tigers fans, before this year, viewed Verlander as a very good pitcher but not a true number one. His performances this season have been a bright spot on a team that has had plenty of issues. To Verlander's credit every fifth day he goes out there and gets it done.

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