Hillary Clinton Asked To Sign Book For Murdered Benghazi Ambassador Christopher Stevens [Video]

Hillary Clinton got trolled by muckraking journalist Jason Mattera during her Hard Choices book tour.

On a Washington, D.C. street corner, Mattera approached the former Secretary of State as if he was a sycophantic fan and asked her to incribe the book for “Christopher Stevens… I think you knew him.”

Ambassador Christopher Stevens was one of four Americans murdered by terrorists at the Benghazi, Libya, embassy compound on September 11, 2012, during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as head of the U.S. State Department.

When she declined to inscribe the book with Stevens’ name, Mattera responded with “what difference does it make?” which is a callback to her 2013 Capitol Hill testimony about the Benghazi controversy.

As Clinton’s security detail tried to get him to move away from the former first lady, Mattera quipped “It’s kind of odd that you have more security than Chris Stevens had in Benghazi.” See embedded video below.

Even those in liberal precincts have described the Hard Choices book tour as a “disaster” for both the lukewarm content of the memoir and for interview gaffes such as claiming that she and former president Bill Clinton, now multimillionaires, were “dead broke” when they left the White House.

Currently the publisher of the Daily Surge website, conservative gadfly Jason Mattera is no stranger to street theater. For example, a year ago, he confronted actor Robert Redford about whether Redford’s movie The Company You Keep whitewashed 1960s domestic terrorism. Previously, he approached then-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on a public sidewalk to ask him if he would give up his around-the-clock armed NYPD security detail in the spirit of Bloomberg’s strong gun control support.

As far as the ongoing Benghazi controversy — which will be further investigated by a House of Representatives select committee — is concerned, originally the Obama administration claimed that the attack was prompted by an obscure anti-Islam YouTube video, a contention that has subsequently proven to be inaccurate.

Apart from all the often tedious back-and-forth political chatter, for the average American, the Benghazi scandal seems to boil down to two issues: Why didn’t the Obama administration, particularly the State Department, beef-up security at the embassy before the attack when it was apparently put on notice of the danger, and why didn’t President Obama, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other high-ranking officials authorize a military rescue when the terrorist attack was underway

Benghazi mom Pat Smith previously claimed that Hillary Clinton is responsible for the death of her son Sean Smith at the embassy compound.

In an interview on Tuesday, Pat Smith appeared to take little comfort in the arrest of one Benghazi suspect, noting that he was just one of many and added that “I’m not so sure he was even involved in anything” and “why did it take them so long to find one guy?”

Her message to Hillary Clinton: “Tell me the truth; tell me what happened.” Someone in the federal government, Hillary Clinton or another official, should take responsibility for what happened to the four murdered Americans, Smith further insisted.

It doesn’t appear as if the Benghazi issue will go away particularly if Hillary Clinton decides to mount a 2016 presidential campaign for the Democrats.

Watch the Hillary Clinton-Jason Mattera video:

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