Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez At Bible Study: Holding Hands And Holding On

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez attend a bible study group hosted by mutual friend Pastor Judah Smith, at which the couple were reportedly seen holding hands.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted holding hands at a bible study meeting? So, that happened, and will almost certainly happen again.

Some hours after the umpteenth time reunited couple (and it seems clear they have never really been apart emotionally speaking) hunkered down at a Hollywood recording studio on Wednesday afternoon, Jelena got a heavenly assist with mutual pal Pastor Judah Smith at The City Church in Los Angeles.

Both Bieber and Gomez refer to Smith as “my pastor” and have both individually worshipped with him and spent time with his family.

The “Come and Get It” songstress and “Baby” singer’s presence at the bible study meet was witnessed and tweeted about by at least two fans we’re aware of, but there were likely more.

Teen Twitter celeb-watcher “Stalker Sarah” wrote:

“Seeing Justin and Selena holding hands, and where it is, just made my day,” later adding:

“Justin & Selena were in a very popular weekly bible study tonight. It was a packed house and I was so happy to see them there with Hugo [Hesny, a bodyguard.]”

Another tweeted:

Bible study with Judah Smith” Bieber posted on Instagram Wednesday, along with a snap of the man in action.

Pastor Judah Smith of Seattle's The City Church

(Bible study: via Instagram.)

A source at the meet told Us Weekly: “They were very lovey dovey and cute. They came and left together with a few friends. “

“Justin and Selena sat next to each other and listened to [the] sermon. They were smitten with each other.”

Of the heartthrob, the insider added: “He looked so happy and at peace,” reportedly noting Justin seemed to be in a good space at the study, while Selena appeared just as content.

While we can’t say for sure what the inner workings of Bieber and Gomez as individuals or as a highly scrutinized couple are, we can gauge some idea by looking at their social media posts along the timeline of their on-again, off-again four-year romance.

As a movie Brit gangster once said, “It’s been emotional.”

Now, more so. Even putting aside the well-documented lowlights and sweetspots of Jelena’s relationship; over-invested fans and haters; Bieber’s teen antics and a media narrative that has shown itself willing and capable of rewriting events, incidents and rumored scenarios to suit itself — right now there is a real sense of danger.

And perhaps, the possibility of grace.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

(An enduring love: The Believe singer posted then deleted this Instagram image last week, captioned “Our love is Unconditional.”)

Although Bieber’s fate in his DUI and recent alleged attempted robbery cases resolved to a plea-deal-in-progress and rejection of charges, the singer is still awaiting a crucial decision on the kind of vandalism charge the Los Angeles County District Attorney will press over his alleged role in a house-egging.

But all of that and other cases in the wings, pale beside the recent racism rager.

As previously reported, Selena flew to Justin’s side in Canada two weeks ago following the exploitative release of two videos of Bieber as a 14 and 15-year-old using the N-word.

Instead of pulling away, the Spring Breakers actress leaned into the storm it’s likely she – as well as Bieber – knew would hit someday once the extortion over the videos reportedly began years ago.

Justin was reportedly re-baptized last month by another pastor pal in New York City amid the latest blackmail effort.

With critics queuing up to damn the couple’s right to choose amid ongoing, corrosive tabloid focus, small wonder Bieber and Gomez found solace holding hands in a plain looking room, on an average Wednesday, listening to a pastor talk about the bible — in the middle of the quickening.