Genocide Warlord Who Devoured Victims’ Hearts Is Taking The UK To Court For Breaching His Human Rights

In the history of litigation it doesn’t get much more bizarre, depressing, and outright crazy than the case of genocide warlord Charles Taylor.

Charles, who incidentally shares the same Christian name as the future King of England, is currently serving 50 years at Her Majesty’s pleasure in a Durham prison for some pretty terrible crimes.

The African warlord is guilty of crimes against humanity on a massive scale, including a spot of cannibalism and eating the hearts of his enemies.

The former Liberian president led a brutal and barbaric campaign of hate and violence in war torn Sierra Leone which saw thousands of people terrorized, raped and murdered.

During the warlord’s bloody reign, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost as a direct or indirect result of the murderous whims of 66-year-old Charles Taylor.

And why? Because diamonds are a warlord’s best friend!

Taylor fueled a civil war in neighboring Sierra Leone just so he could get his hands on the country’s diamonds which are worth billions.

Sending men and weapons to Sierra Leone in a calculating bid to start a bloody rebellion, the warlord set back contentedly and enjoyed the spoils of his orchestrated genocide.

Such was Taylor’s overwhelming lust for the ‘blood-diamonds’ he devised a diabolical plan code-named Operation No Living Thing.

The reasoning behind the plan was pure evil in its harrowing simplicity. By slaughtering the entire population of Sierra Leone, the man who would be ‘bling’ reasoned, all of the diamonds in the country would be his and his alone, to do so with what he wished.

And if that included presenting supermodel Naomi Campbell with five or six of the precious stones after a flirtatious dinner in honor of Nelson Mandela, then so be it.

Throughout the carnage which claimed the lives of at least 250,000 people, many of whom were tortured and raped beforehand, Charlie’s main partner in crime was his American-born son ‘Chuckie’.

Chuckie, and Charles, who studied at Boston University, led a reign of terror and an army called the Revolutionary United Front.

This rag-tag collective of mercenaries masquerading as rebels consisted of many child soldiers from rural areas who were forced at gun-point to join the ranks of Taylor’s troops.

Force fed a steady diet of nihilism and what the genocide warlord called ‘brown-brown’ – a mixture of Heroin and gunpowder, these young men killed and raped without emotion. Often cooking and eating those they particularly despised.

As a member of an ancient West African cult of demon-worshippers called the Poro Society, Taylor would have had ample opportunity to practice the belief of the cult – that the eating of enemy organs give a man great strength.

Crazed on drugs and their warlord’s bloodthirsty rhetoric, Taylor’s troops took their orgy of violence from village to village and obeyed without question orders to use their machetes to hack off arms and legs.

Sickening tales abound of victims being offered the option of option of ‘short sleeves or long sleeves’ – a cut at the wrist, or the shoulder. Pregnant women had their stomachs hacked open and their unborn child murdered, and thousands of women had their tendons in their feet slashed with machetes so they couldn’t run and escape their grim fate as one of the warlord’s sex slaves.

Child soldiers have also since revealed how they were forced at gunpoint to rape elderly women and torture anyone they suspected of collaborating with Taylor’s enemies.

Meanwhile, the warlord’s son Chuckie was particularly partial to burying his victims alive, but not before torturing them with red-hot irons and dripping hot oil into their eyes.

And the overall aim of all this blood-soaked madness? To drive everyone away from the country’s diamond fields to leave Taylor in complete control of those precious stones he valued infinitely higher than the priceless sanctity of human life and the unquantifiable dignity of the individual.

As both Liberia and Sierra Leona continued to plunge into a madness and anarchy without equal, Taylor’s era of evil was finally brought to an end with the intervention of UN troops and Britain’ SAS.

After Taylor was convicted at the Hague for crimes against humanity, the UK kindly agreed to imprison the monster and give the people of Sierra Leone a much needed respite from the hell and horror that had blackened the heart of the genocide warlord beyond redemption.

Now banged up and far from home, his wife, and 15 children, Charlie boy has decided that is human rights have been breached by being detained in Britain and has lodged legal papers stating his case.

With Sierra Leone and Liberia still struggling to recover from Taylor’s terror, and the thousands of mentally scarred and physically maimed unable to come to terms with the madness that the genocide warlord unleashed into their lives, it beggars belief that Charles, with his comfortable prison cell, his expensive lawyers, his visits, his clean bedding, his creature comforts, and three free meals a day, feels his human rights are being violated.

Charles claims that his wife and offspring shouldn’t have to travel from Africa to visit him and fears he will be attacked in a prison where the name Charles Taylor is synonymous with every imagined atrocity under the sun.

The Daily Mail reported that Taylor said:

“My position is that serving my sentence in Rwanda, in my home continent of Africa, would be substantially more humane not only on my own account, but also on account of the impact on my family. My name is now associated with horrendous atrocities. Prison inmates, whether from the region or not, are likely to be inclined to inflict their own brand of justice by attacking me.”

Taylor added, with particular pathos considering his track record when it comes to the lives of others:

“In short, incarceration in the United Kingdom will likely – and very soon – lead to me being seriously injured or killed.”

The warlord’s wife Victoria Addison Taylor complained:

“They took him to this prison where high [risk] criminals, terrorists and other common British criminals are kept. He is going through humiliation and you cannot treat a former head of state that way.”

The 66-year-old former despot has already appointed two layers, including a QC, to contest his case. The cost of which will be added to the thousands of pounds the UK government is prepared to spend countering the warlord’s case and flying him to the Netherlands for his appeal.

Taylor’s claim has been described as the ‘ultimate perversion of the concept of human rights’ by government officials.

Tory MP Dominic Raab said:

“It shows the corruption of human rights that such a brutal warlord convicted of crimes against humanity, including terrorism, rape and conscripting child soldiers, thinks he can claim jail violates his right to family life. If he’s successful, it would turn British human rights laws into a laughing stock around the world.”

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