Shocking Video: Robber Punches Pregnant Cashier In Pensacola Store, She Begs For Her Life

A robber punched a pregnant cashier in a Boost Mobile store in Pensacola, sending her crashing to the ground and begging for her life.

Now video of the incident is going viral, as police call on people in the community to help identify the violent thief.

The incident took place Wednesday at 3:15 pm, with video showing the suspect entering the store two separate times. The second time, the woman greeted him by making light conversation about the weather as the man browsed in the store.

The man slipped a phone into his pocket and then approached the young woman. He pretended he was reaching into his pocket, then unloaded a punch that sent the woman flying to the floor.

The suspect then ran behind the counter, demanding that the disoriented woman tell him how to open the register.

As the man opened the register and stuffed bills into his pockets, he commanded the woman several times not to move.

The terrified young woman pleaded with the man not to hurt her any further.

“Please, I’m pregnant,” she said, clearly terrified. “Please don’t shoot me, please.”

Police said the cashier was taken to a local hospital and treated for her injuries. Her condition was not reported.

The disturbing video of the robber punching the pregnant cashier has made the rounds quickly, with a link to the story gaining hundreds of votes on Reddit.

Police described the Pensacola robbery suspect as a black male, approximately 6-feet-tall, with a thin build and medium complexion. In the video, he was seen wearing a black shirt, blue jean shorts, and dark sneakers.

Pensacola Police are asking anyone with information about the suspect to reach out them, and the Pensacola News Journal also published a story with pictures of the suspect.

Anyone having information on the incident is asked to call the Pensacola Police Department at 435-1900.

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