Abortion Protester Assaulted By Nurse In Front Of Clinic [Video]

Abortion protester Paul Lake was recently assaulted and threatened by an angry nurse in front of an abortion clinic in West Alabama. It was caught on video, a video that is now posted on YouTube.

The nurse in the video became upset because she says that Lake accused her of being a liar. Lake told Live Action News that she then slapped him. The video footage supports his claim. That nurse was quickly joined by a co-worker and a verbal altercation ensued, in which the women threatened Lake.

While it is not uncommon for verbal arguments to become heated, especially surrounding such a contentious issue as abortion, it is far less common for physical contact or assault to occur.

According to LifeNews, Paul Lake says that he had learned that the primary question that women considering abortion ask is “Does it hurt?” On the day in question at the clinic, Lake called out to the nurse and asked if she was the person at the clinic who told women that abortion doesn’t hurt. She ignored him. He then said, “whoever is telling them that it doesn’t hurt is lying to them.”

In the description of his YouTube video, Lake says that the nurse went inside the clinic for a few minutes. Then “the same nurse walked up to me and this is what happened..” That is when the video begins with her approaching Lake and assaulting him.

After a few minutes of verbal sparring, a second clinic worker joins the nurse. In her opening salvo, she tells him that they somehow know about everything he does, threatening him: “You need to watch what you’re doing, because we know every single thing that you do. If you wipe your f***ing a**, we know.” Apparently, Lake and the clinic workers have some history.

Lake asserts to her that he is not interested in finding out about what she is doing, that he wants to help her find another job. That philosophy is consistent with the group And Then There Were None, a pro-life group founded by former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson which provides resources for clinic workers who want to leave the abortion industry. During the altercation, Lake offered some pamphlets from the group to the nurses.

At one point, the second clinic worker asks Lake an odd question, “Can you tell me where I go to church? That’s what I want to know.”

There is no report of charges being filed against the first nurse for assaulting Mr. Lake.

This is the second time in recent weeks that a sidewalk counselor has been assaulted. Students For Life reports that a 17-year-old youth was pushed down and assaulted at the same clinic, this time by a large man (350 pounds) whose wife had just had an abortion. The teen ended up at the hospital with a broken nose.

The youth writes:

“At first, I was mad, but then I realized that I cannot be mad at this man because I know that he did not hate me, he just did not want to hear the truth. I feel deep down inside that there was something more to his actions than what meets the eye. All I can do is forgive him and pray and love him the way God loves me.”

Recently The Inquisitr posted a remarkable story of forgiveness by a lady who survived an abortion, the abortion that her twin did not survive. Claire Culwell wrote a powerful letter to the doctor who performed that abortion, stating that she forgives him. She has previously spoken of forgiving her mother.

Like Claire, the teenager and Paul Lake have stated that they forgive those who assaulted them. Neither the youth nor Paul Lake intend to let the assaults stop them from protesting abortions and speaking out. They say their primary focus is saving babies and mothers.

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