Voodoo the Cat: falls 34 stories and lives

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a cat called Voodoo falling from his 34th floor Australian penthouse apartment balcony and walking away with barely a scratch. One life down, eight to go.

Voodoo’s owner Sheree Washington said Voodoo liked to live life on the edge. He often balanced right on the edge of the balcony.

Voodoo’s owners first noticed Voodoo was missing after they had finished dinner. They searched for him for several hours but couldn’t find him. Yesterday morning, they trekked down to the ground floor expecting to find the remains of Voodoo splattered all over the side walk. The Manx cat was expected to be manky. A flat cat, you get the idea.

Instead, they found Voodoo with nothing more than a few scratches having fallen the 34 floors. There was a cat shaped indent in a bush which Voodoo had fallen on undoubtedly cushioning the cat’s fall.

Voodoo, in what his owners believe is a Christmas miracle limped away from the incident with a bloodshot eye, a scratched ear, a cut mouth and a damaged paw.

Mrs Washington said the vet told her the record for known survival from a fall was a cat which fell 64 floors in New York. Its commonly believed that the more times cats have to adjust themselves in a fall the more likely they are to survive, which is why cats tend to be injured when falling form lower floors.

So did he fall or fellow conspiracy theorists was he pushed? The mice did it.

No word on whether Voodoo is going after the 64 floor world record.

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