Avril Lavigne’s Ex-Husband Finally Ditches Her Last Name

Avril Lavigne’s husband has finally dropped her last name, though it took the guy nearly three years to make it happen.

Deryck Whibley, who became Deryck Lavigne Whibley after the couple tied the knot back in 2006, recently had a judge scratch the name from official court documents. Although the couple called it quits back in 2010, Whibley held onto Lavigne until this year.

According to TMZ, Avril Lavigne’s ex-husband has a brand new fiancé, which may have had something to do with his decision to finally do something about the situation. Either way, it’s good that Deryck is finally moving on.

In addition to removing that last piece of Avril Lavigne from his life, Whibley is reportedly getting better following his shocking hospitalization earlier this year. The Sum 41 singer’s battle with alcohol almost took his life, though he’s slowly but surely bouncing back.

Deryck recently told his fans:

“My days are quite full, but I work on getting better every day. I have doctor check ups often, and I’ve had so many needle pricks in the past few months, that all the veins in my arms are dead. I do a lot of physical therapy because my legs have gotten very numb from my kneads down. I’m only now starting to be able to get up and walk on my own, but it’s still very painful.”

Sadly, some folks firmly believe that Avril Lavigne’s current marriage is in serious jeopardy. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer and husband Chad Kroeger are possibly headed towards a divorce, though neither party has offered up anything official about the rumor as of this writing.

According to reports, Avril Lavigne was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles without her wedding or engagement rings. While this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s leaving her husband in the dust, other rumors suggest that a recent blow-up at Sixty Hotel in L.A. almost resulted in the couple getting bounced off the premises.

In addition to yelling at one another, the couple reportedly took issue with the hotel’s staff. This included berating the cleaning crew, the folks at the front desk, and some of the people who work in the kitchen.

What do you think about all the news surrounding Avril Lavigne these days? Are you surprised that Deryck Whibley finally dropped her last name?

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