Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Reportedly Heading Toward Split

Pop star and weird YouTube video poster Avril Lavigne and her husband of less than a year Chad Kroeger, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Nickelback, are reportedly on the outs. Seems that Kroeger wasn’t willing to follow all the rules that Avril Lavigne outlined for him while out on dates.

Avril Lavigne has been seen all over Los Angeles without her wedding and engagement rings. The couple were nearly asked to leave the Sixty Hotel in Los Angeles, though reasons were not disclosed as to why. Some speculate that it is marital issues, while others report wild and crazy parties.

Seems that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger act mostly like children when they fight. At the Sixty Hotel, reports claim this high-profile couple berated the cleaning staff at the hotel. They also had confrontations with the front desk and even employees in the hotel’s kitchen.

This is not the first inkling of a split between Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. Less than a month ago Avril Lavigne was seen galavanting around Los Angeles without her wedding and engagement ring because she had accused the sort-of hard rock singer of cheating on her.

This couple may be seen by many as the weirdest in Hollywood and these latest reports do little to refute it.

In other Avril Lavigne news, she swears that her fans can touch her during meet and greets. While many pictures were released where fans were allowed to stand and smirk next to her, none of them were physically touching Ms. Lavigne. Earlier this month, Avril Lavigne was on Canadian radio commenting on the meet and greet situation, “My fans are very frisky, actually. In some countries where we’ve had security breaches, it’s a little delicate because of things that have happened with stuff I probably shouldn’t get into.”

Lavigne continued, “Sometimes other people ruin it for other people. If there’s been a certain circumstance prior to a meet and greet, someone sneaking into a hotel or doing some shady stuff, they have to take extra precautions when people sneak backstage and stuff. I love my fans.”

While the rules do change often depending on her feeling of security, Avril Lavigne’s staff did release photos from a recent meet and greet where she was quite handsy and very uncomfortable, at least in the eyes, with the feeling of fan-on-pop star contact.

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