This Adorable Hipster Guinea Pig Might Be The Cutest Thing You See All Day

Adorable Hipster Guinea Pig poses for photos

Meet Booboo, the adorable hipster guinea pig that might just be the cutest thing you see all day.

Part of the collection of a photographer that goes by the name of “Lieveheerbeestje,” this model guinea pig and her friends make for some fashionable snap shots that are sure to make you say “awwwww.”

The photographer says that Booboo is one of her favorite things to take pictures of, saying that she is the “perfect model, cooperative, versatile and very relaxed!”

Setting up the guinea pigs in different scenarios, these unbelievable photogenic animals seem to make for some unbelievable cute photos that will give even the most fashionable four-year-old a run for his money!

If you like these photos, be sure to check out the photographers website as well her page at DeviantArt.

What do you think of these ridiculously adorable photos of the hipster guinea pig?

Adorable Hipster Guinea Pig poses for photos

[Images via Lieveheerbeestje]

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