Former Male Police SWAT Member is Ladies Long Drive Champion

Meet 55 year old Lana Lawless, the current Women’s Long Drive Golf World Champion, and former male police officer.

Lawless was virtually unknown until October 22nd when she upset 21-year-old Phillis Meti, widely acclaimed as the longest hitter in women’s golf. Long Drive Golf, literally a competition based around who can hit the ball the furthest, is a sport driven by power, muscle and speed, all of which you’d presume an ex-male SWAT officer would have.

Lawless doesn’t shy away from her past, but claims that she’s lost of lot of her bulk from her days on the force. “That other person, that 245-pound SWAT cop I used to be, he’s gone. He’s not coming back.”

Naturally not everyone is happy about an Lawless winning the championship, however the USGA approved transgendered players for the competition in 2005, so its all above board.

Women’s golf is known for it glamor, and large number of lesbians playing, so it’s surprising anyone should have an issue with Lawless. I guess wanting to have balls is different from not wanting them…golf balls that is ?

It should also be noted that the winner of the male competition this year was a professional Ice Hockey player who many dismissed due to his small stature. Yes: Happy Gilmor came to life.

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