NES games from ‘Ambassador program’ on Nintendo 3DS will include multiplayer

If you’ve been paying attention to your Nintendo news lately, you’ll no doubt recall that Nintendo very recently announced an out-of-the-blue price drop for the Nintendo 3DS. Knowing that this might ruffle the feathers of early adopters, Nintendo promised rewards for early birds by way of the Ambassador program.

The first half of those rewards, a selection of 10 NES games that will be available to early adopters ahead of the general public, will also apparently come with a little something extra. IGN reports that when the NES titles are made available to all, they’ll be updated with multiplayer capability, and Ambassadors will get that update free of charge.

Nintendo stated that the NES titles will come with additional new features beyond multiplayer, but they’re keeping their lips sealed on the details for the moment. They also made no mention of whether or not the second half of the rewards, the GBA titles due out later this year, would come along with any additional features.

Nintendo hasn’t said just when either batch of the 20+ titles are expected to become available to Ambassadors. The only thing clear about that at the moment is that the NES titles are coming first, and the GBA titles are due out sometime later this year – and they’ll remain exclusive to Ambassadors.

We’ll let you know should Nintendo be willing to share more details.

via Joystiq