Musician Jack White Gets His Own Delicious Ice Cream Flavor

You may know musician Jack White as the mind behind The White Stripes, a solo musician, or someone who truly belongs in an overly praised Tim Burton movie, either way White has been revered for years as a musician due to his many contributions over the years.

So it only makes sense that the next step White makes is ice cream. You read that right; the man who once ranked on Rolling Stone’s list of Greatest Guitarists now has his own ice cream flavor. Fans of Jack White will be happy to know that the musician’s ice cream flavor looks pretty delicious.

This wasn’t a decision made by White himself. Before super fans think that the Third Man Records musician has sold out and is moving into gelato-y production, let us tell you right now that Jack doesn’t have anything to do with the ice cream; he’s just the wonderful inspiration behind the flavor.

For those who are interested, Jack White’s ice cream flavor was created by an award-winning Australian chain Gelato Messina, and to honor White their newest flavor was unveiled. So what’s the name of this delicious treat? It’s called Jack N’ White, of course.

Get Jack N’ White while you can as this ice cream flavor is considered limited edition gelato and will be “on tour” for the next week before it goes into the ice cream hall of fame. Okay, so that last part we’re making up but if Gelato Messina is always this pun-y who’s to say this won’t happen?

Jack White’s ice cream flavor will be available in Australian outlets that carry Gelato Messina, which are outlets located in Melbourne’s Fitzory, and across Sydney, specifically in Darlinghurst, Pyrmont, Surry Hills, Bondi, and Parramatta.

The ice cream flavor is made up of a few delicious key ingredients including Jack Daniels with caramelized white chocolate, caramelized pecans, and caramel fudge. Now that we’ve told you Jack White enthusiasts all about the ice cream flavor check out what this mouth-watering ice cream actually looks like.

Fans of the musician and of ice cream presumably, seem to be impressed:

The ice cream flavor was created to support Jack White’s new album Lazaretto which was released on June 10.

[Image via Bing]