The Lou Reed Collection: Legendary Musician’s Gear Up For Grabs On eBay

Almost 8 months after Lou Reed’s death, fans can now own musical equipment from the great musician’s collection.

A message was posted on Lou Reed’s official Facebook page saying that equipment from Reed’s collection will be auctioned off on eBay. Although the most important effects, amps, and guitars will be kept by his touring company, Sister Ray Enterprises, there will still be plenty of pieces up for grabs.

Some of the items listed include effects pedals, keyboards, and distortion switches. The prices range from $100 to $1,200. According to the message on Facebook, more items will be added every few days, so fans must keep watch. Each item on the list was used by Reed or one his band members.

Proceeds from the auction will go towards developing the Lou Reed Archive.

Lou Reed Gear Auction

Lou Reed was a singer and songwriter who gained fame for being the vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter of New York-based rock band The Velvet Underground.

In 1972, Reed left The Velvet Underground and started a solo career. He became known for his poetic lyrics and distinctive deadpan singing voice.

In 2013, Lou underwent a liver transplant, which was successful. He even wrote on his website, telling his readers that he felt “bigger and stronger” after the transplant. However, 5 months after his transplant, he died from liver disease. He was 71 years old.

Among those who paid tribute to Reed were Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Pearl Jam.

A month before he died, Lou Reed said that he remastered all of the albums that he had in order to take advantage of the new technologies available. Rolling Stone said it was his final interview.

“It was so beautiful, it made me cry. I am very emotionally affected by sound. Sounds are inexplicable… There is a sound you can hear in your head, it’s your nerves, or your blood running. It’s kind of amazing to hear that.”

Reed is considered one of the most influential artists in music. Lou Reed was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 as a member of The Velvet Underground.

Fans of Lou Reed can now visit the eBay store and view some of the items that are available for bidding. Those who reside in New York will get the chance to browse and buy some items before they are posted on eBay. Other items that will be posted soon include road cases and electric units.

[Images via SFAQ Online / Pitchfork]