This Puppy Rescue Video From India Will Move You To Tears

Puppy and animal rescue videos are generally great to watch, thanks to the great happy endings they usually have. But this one particular rescue video of a puppy trapped inside a well is special in that it happened in India. Shot by folks from over at Animal Aid Unlimited, the incident happened in a village near the northern Indian city of Udaipur.

According to a Facebook post by Animal Aid Unlimited, the puppy, which was trapped inside the well for few hours, was squealing and crying loudly. The commotion attracted the attention of the villagers, who were shocked to see the puppy trying hard to stay afloat in the murky waters of the well. Animal rescue and rehabilitation is still in its infancy in India. Had this happened in any other area in India, it was likely that the puppy would have died. Not here, though. The villagers who apparently knew about the animal rescue services of Animal Aid Unlimited called them up who immediately. Ganpat, an employee of the organization, volunteered to go down the well and rescue the scared puppy. As seen in the video, Ganpat did get some support from the villagers, who held the ropes for him. As made obvious in the clip, the men who rescued the puppy did not have much safety or equipment for an operation of this nature – which makes the rescue even more touching.

The rescue did have its share of anxious moments as Ganpat did slip for a split second when he was coming up with the puppy. The cute dog, probably still scared by the entire ordeal, is then seen being taken away to a rehabilitation center. In the final few seconds of the video, you can see what a gorgeous puppy it was. It would have been terrible had it been left to die there.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a U.S. based charitable organization that runs a busy animal hospital and shelter in Udaipur, Rajasthan India. They have been working in India since the past 15 years.

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