Paraplegic Victim Of Shortened Penis Mishap Will Sue Hospital: Can You Blame Him?

A paraplegic with a shortened penis will be suing the hospital that made him that way, according to a new report from the Toronto Sun.

(The story was later picked up by The Daily Mail as well.)

The man — unnamed — is a native of the Montreal suburb of Repentigny, Quebec. He is bringing accusations against the Le Gardeur hospital for misdiagnosing his “sex-induced penis surgery” and leaving him with a full inch less than what he started with.

The man is asking for $155,000, which seems like a small price to pay, especially if his claims that the botched penis surgery ruined his marriage are true.

“This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs,” the paraplegic plaintiff told QMI Agency after requesting that his name be withheld from the public.

The lawsuit filed last week in Montreal states that he received a penis injury while having sex with his wife in July 2011.

Immediately following the incident, he was rushed to the hospital, where, the suit claims, a nurse “made a brief visual inspection of the penis without touching it.”

A urologist was brought in from off-site. He diagnosed the appendage with “minor trauma.” After this, the man was sent home without being physically examined, the suit claims.

The plaintiff said he was unable to have sex in the weeks that followed. Three months later, he was told that he received a fractured penis, and that the injury required an operation that would leave a “permanent scar” on his organ.

The lawsuit also states that the man’s penis lost “about an inch” of length. He alleges he was unable to have sex for two years and his wife walked out on him.

He’s suing the hospital for negligence and “indescribable anguish.”

The allegations in the lawsuit haven’t been proven in court, but if they are true, why stop at $155,000?

This isn’t the first time we’ve told you about a misdiagnosis leading to the penis trauma. Earlier this month, we shared with you the harrowing story of a Vietnam veteran, who was forced to have a penis amputation following misdiagnosis and delays at a VA hospital.

In that case, the vet is still fighting for restitution, though the Department of Veterans Affairs does point out that he got an apology.

(Yeah, that should do it.)

Men, do stories like the vet and the paraplegic with the shortened penis make you think twice about going to the doctor? What judgment do you think these men should receive from the courts? Sound off in our comments section.

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