Long Island Plane Crash: Single-Engine Plane Crashes Into Backyard Of East Patchogue Home, 1 Killed [Video]

A Long Island plane crash happened in a resident’s backyard Tuesday morning in East Patchogue, killing one pilot. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the two people living in the house rushed outside. The plane narrowly missed the home, says Det. Lt. Kevin Beyer.

At about 8:50 am, the single-engine Columbian Lancair LC aircraft left the Republic Airport in Farmingdale heading east, crashing around 9 am. Only the pilot was on board.

Homeowners sought safety at a neighbor’s house across the street. Mental health counselors and the Red Cross are reportedly treating them from the disaster. According to NBC New York, a mother was caring for her baby in a room that the plane almost crashed into.

For some reason, the pilot steered the plane between two houses, missing them both — as well as missing an exterior heating oil tank. The plane then crashed into the backyard of another house, according to a Brookhaven town spokesman.

Mother and baby were able to get away unharmed from the violent crash. In fact, the infant stayed asleep the whole time. Impact from the Long Island plane crash resulted in shattered glass in the baby’s room.

Jezebel, the family’s white pitbull, is missing, and neighbors are currently looking for the dog. The mom and her baby scrambled out of the house at the time. It’s unknown where the dog was when the plane crash happened.

Witnesses report hearing two big explosions after the plane crashed. Chad Widman, who lives near the crash scene, says:

“All of a sudden I heard what sounded like a plane coming down. It was really, really loud and then there was a pause and then there was a loud boom and then another loud boom.”

The pilot was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity hasn’t been released until family is contacted. No one on the ground was injured from the wreckage.

Police say the National Transportation Safety Board investigators are looking into the Long Island plane crash to learn what caused the tragic accident.

Fire departments from Hagerman, North Patchogue, Brookhaven, Bellport, and Medford fire departments worked together putting out fire from the plane crash.

Small-engine plane crashes happen every few weeks, it seems, going by how often they appear in headlines. The latest plane crash that The Inquisitr reported on was the one Richard Rockerfeller died in last week, when he went flying in a single-engine turboprop plane that crashed into a Purchase, New York neighborhood.

The Long Island plane crash is under investigation by the FAA and NTSB.

[Image via AP/Wall Street Journal]

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