[Video] Kirstie Alley Confronts David Letterman Over Fat Jokes

The former star of Fat Actress appeared on Late Night With David Letterman, and instead of playing nice, Alley whipped out a page of transcribed Letterman fat-jokes- all of which were about her. While Letterman squirmed, the 60-year-old star read out the jokes Letterman had made at her expense about her weight gain.

It doesn’t negate the fact that fat jokes are a horrible thing to be the subject of, but Alley’s in-your-face delivery without shame was kind of a victory point for every girl in the world who has ever jiggled. The fact that, at 60, she looks incredible and amazing and did so on Dave’s show didn’t hurt either.

You can watch a clip below of Alley confronting the late-night smarm-master with his own cruel words and his ensuing discomfort. Did her ballsiness impress you? Is Kirstie Alley your new hero? Do you have a new respect for and or girl crush on her?