Austin Mahone Kisses Fan: Lucky Mahomie Got Some Awkward First-Base Lip Action

Austin Mahone is a young star, who unlike some troublemaking singers, is instantly likable the moment you hear him talk.

That likability has led to legions of followers on Twitter — currently at about 6.18 million — who all identify themselves as “Mahomies.”

On a recent edition of VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live with Nick Lachey, Austin dropped by to discuss some of his current projects.

When the talk came to weird road stories, Mahone had one that should leave all of his Mahomies hopeful.

“I remember one time I accidentally kissed one of my fans during a meet-and-greet,” he explained. “She wanted a kiss on the cheek, so I turned and she turned at the same time and we like swiped lips and it was real awkward after that.”

When Lachey asked if the first-base meet-and-greet was caught on camera, Austin replied, “I think so actually, I think that it’s on video.”

One of Mahone’s major reasons for showing up was a bit more noble: promoting safe driving among teens.

Austin himself confesses that he has a “great driving record.” While ordinarily we wouldn’t believe that about an 18-year-older behind the wheel, Mahone apparently has the chops to back it up.

The “MMM Yeah” singer is part of a safe-driving initiative with the Allstate Foundation. Mahone has teamed up with the insurance company to inform teens why it’s important to drive safe — “not texting while you’re driving, buckle up, and to not let your friends distract you in the car by trying to take pictures,” he explained.

In a recent report from Hometown Quotes, teen driving was named as the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, so hats off to Mahone for stepping up and trying to make a difference.

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As for Austin’s new album, The Secret, Perez Hilton reports that his handlers aren’t exactly pleased with the record’s performance thus far. Since the guy has a strong following on social media, his label thought he’d end up selling truckloads of copies without breaking a sweat.

“The kid can close down any mall in America, but we are struggling to sell a meaningful amount of records,” Republic Records president Avery Lipman recently explained. As of this writing, The Secret has only moved approximately 46,000 units. However, it has performed well on iTunes.

So Mahomies, what would you give to trade places with the fan Austin Mahone kissed? Sound off in our comments section.

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