Is Catherine Giudici Pregnant? Sean Lowe’s Wife Debuts Maybe Baby Bump

Is Catherine Giudici pregnant? Mrs. Sean Lowe looked like she may have been concealing a baby bump in a new photo posted by former Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock. The picture was posted on Facebook ahead of Monday night’s episode of the popular dating show, but fans noticed something more than three gorgeous women doing their best Charlie’s Angels pose.

Fans immediately picked up on Catherine’s mid-section and many wondered if she and hubby, Sean Lowe, had some news to share. While there were certainly tons of skeptical fans (many saying that if Catherine was that far along, the couple would have already made an announcement), others could not even deny that Catherine had a bump. Was it really just the fit of her shirt?

Catherine Giudici Lowe pregnancy rumors weren’t quieted at all by people who checked out her Twitter account for “evidence.” Catherine posted the same photo of her and pals, Desiree Hartsock and Andi Dorfman, along with two other shots of the girls from different angles — and Catherine looked like she might be pregnant in all three photos. In one of the pictures, in fact, the girls appear to be looking at Catherine and sticking out their bellies… what else could the ladies be doing?!

Catherine Giudici
Catherine, Andi, and Desiree

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe have both said that they want to have children. Obviously they will make an announcement when the time is right — and it very well could be on an upcoming Bachelorette special (ABC loves doing stuff like that). Sean and Catherine have not really given any other hints about a baby on board but, if you really want to read into things, you probably could. For instance, neither of them have posted any full body photos in about a month. That is not really enough to go on, however, but fans are hopeful that the time is right for the former reality stars. Sean will undoubtedly be an amazing dad — and Catherine will be a great mom!

As most people know, Sean waited to have sex until he was married. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Catherine supported Lowe — and the two waited until their wedding night to make love for the first time.

Do you think Catherine Giudici is pregnant? If so, when do you think these two will make the official announcement?

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]