Acer Iconia Gets $300 Price Tag, August Release Date

Acer has finally given us an ETA for the Iconia Tab A100, the company’s Tegra 2-powered tablet that comes with a $300 price tag.

According to reports the units will be available in early August. The device was originally slated for a mid-May launch until it was determined that a Honeycomb compatibility issue existed that first had to be explored and then fixed.

With the price lowered from the devices original $450 Acer has pulled back the hard drive space to 8GB and halvex the RAM to 512MB.

Acer is also planning to release two new Aspire notebooks in August, the 15.6 inch 5750Z and the 17.3-inch 7739Z, both priced at $475 while each unit features 4GB DDR3 RAM (upgradeable to 8GB), 500 GB HDDs and Intel Pentium processors.

Are you looking forward to the Acer Iconia or one of the new Aspire notebooks?