22 Jump Street Has Big Surprise During End Credits: Behind The Scenes (Video)

The original 22 Jump Street ending had to change. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller discovered that audiences were less than happy when Jenko and Scmidt said no to any future missions during pre-release screenings. The 22 Jump Street boys said, “No. We’re done. We never want to do this again,” according to BuzzFeed.com.

That ending just wouldn’t do, leaving 22 Jump Street directors baffled and scrambling to find an alternative. Then, like a lightning bolt, an idea hit them while they were in post-production, according to Yahoo Movies. Just about a month before the release of 22 Jump Street, filmmakers were back at work with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill to make the most hysterical rolling credits sequence moviegoers could hope for.

That’s right, the rolling credits. Don’t leave when you think you’ve seen the end of 22 Jump Street. You’ll miss a great montage of all the future 22 Jump Street movies all the way up to the likes of 42 Jump Street: Beauty School. The action-filled credits have samplings of all future 22 Jump Street sequels, with celebrity cameo appearances by Anna Faris, Seth Rogen, and Bill Hader.

The 22 Jump Street sequences were all filmed in the span of twelve hours on the Sony lot. Actors were wrapping up one segment and just as the director was yelling “cut,” different costumes were being tossed at them for the next segment to be filmed.

Without spoiling the entire ending credits, let’s just say it is great fun to watch and a super fantastic way to wrap up 22 Jump Street. A definite must-see!

Photo Credit: MassAppealNews.com

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