Channing Tatum’s One Shot At Life And Pushing The Limits (Video)

Channing Tatum is considered to be one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. At 34, he has made quite a name for himself — and one of those names is Magic Mike. Channing is happy to announce that he has plans for a sequel, according to Belfast Telegraph. The title is said to be Magic Mike XXL.

Channing, a stripper in his younger days, actually pitched the idea for the original Magic Mike by saying, “I want to do the story of when I’m in a dark U-Haul with a bunch of these guys and we’re doing drugs driving up to the stripper convention,” says Tatum.

So, the story continues in the sequel as Channing revisits his past as a stripper. Tatum says the plot of Magic Mike XXL is based on two conventions Tatum attended when he was 19, in which one audience consisted of 3,000 ladies. “The women would come from miles and miles around,” Tatum says, as reported by CNN.

Tatum may not be a stripper any longer, but he still lives a wild life. In his recent interview with GQ, he opens up and says that he considers himself to be somewhat of a “high-functioning alcoholic” and equates drinking to having a good time.

Channing has been married to Jenna Dewan since 2009. She obviously accepts him for who he is and hasn’t tried to change his behavior. Tatum says that his wife bought into it (Tatum’s lifestyle), per Although he says he has cut back on the drinking and partying since the birth of his daughter in 2013, Channing continues to say, “I get one shot at life, and I can say that I’ve lived a crazy one, and I’ve pushed the limit almost at every turn. I’m super proud of that.”

Channing Tatum fans will be watching for the Magic Mike sequel scheduled to be released July 2015.

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