Precious Moment On Video: Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Serenade Sick Children At Hospital (Video)

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban turned Friday the 13th into a joyous celebration for sick children. Kidman and Urban were in their homeland, Melbourne, Australia, on June 13. reports the couple were there for the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball. The Life Ball is a fundraising event hosted by the Celebrate Life Foundation.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban decided to pay a visit to the sick children at Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton. This isn’t out of the ordinary for Nicole, who makes a point to do when she is in town, per Nicole and Keith visited with the children, while also chatting and making pictures with not only the children, but their families and staff members, as well. One sweet child they met was 11-year-old cancer patiend, Christina Legogiannis (As pictured above).

What a great surprise when Keith pulled out his guitar. And as everyone gathered around, it was such a sweet, surreal moment as Keith began strumming the guitar filling the air with acoustical beauty. Nicole stood close-by as both she and Keith began singing Amazing Grace. Immediately, the crowd that had gathered around began to join in and sing with Nicole and Keith.

Hello Magazine reports how Nicole genuinely enjoys taking the time to visit with the children and attending the fundraising event for the Celebrate Life Foundation. Kidman tells Melbourne’s Herald Sun, “It’s one of the most important things I do.” Nicole continues to say, “I have been doing it since I became well known in the movie industry.”

Nicole Kidman’s heart goes out to those who are in need of help from the Celebrate Life Foundation. Kidman admits, “It’s deeply sad. But events like the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball ensures that we are able to give to families in need.” With a tender heart, Kidman continues to say, “Even if it is just listening, and hugging, and showing support, then it’s worth it.”

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have certainly felt that Amazing Grace when they faced his rehabilitation early in their relationship. Keith attributes Nicole to stepping in and saving him. The couple have been blissfully married since 2006. We love to see celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban giving of their time and talents in such a sweet and meaningful gesture.

Photo credit: Anthony Licuria

The couple were in Melbourne, Australia for the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball, a fundraising event hosted by the Celebrate Life Foundation. They stopped by Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton, where they spent time speaking with some of the young patients and taking photos.

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