Text A Smell: 300,000 Smells Transmitted To Friends (Or Enemies) Via Text?

Have you ever wanted to text a smell? Perhaps you were eating pizza and a photo just didn’t do your pie justice… or maybe someone walked by you with a perfume that made you smile… wouldn’t you love if you could share those scents with your friends? Well, pretty soon, you should be able to.

According to Huffington Post, a Harvard engineering professor has invented the “oPhone.” The device can send and receive photos and scents:

“You can mix-and-match 32 basic scents to create more than 300,000 unique aromas, according to the oPhone website. You will then be able to send these smells to your lucky friends and loved ones in what will be called oNotes, using an app called oSnap.”

In order to text a smell, you will need to purchase an oPhone (well, two actually, because your friend will need one to receive the scents you transmit). A pair will cost you $149. In early 2015, the price is slated to rise to $199 — which is a fair price if scents mean a lot to you.

The idea of sending smells is meant to make messages and moments more memorable. They say that the way something smells stays with a person — and nostalgia can kick it any time you smell something familiar. Of course smells aren’t always good — and there will be plenty of foul things sent from person to person — but that’s just part of the phenomenon, right?

According to Mail Online, Professor David Edwards will first conduct a test. He will text a smell from the U.S. to a phone in Paris:

“If the test is a success he wants to have scent-tagged images available via Facebook and Twitter with oPhone-fitted hotspots around the world that can produce the [odors].”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are other new and exciting things coming for mobile phone users. For example, the new iPhones may pave the way for a “new generation of headphones.” The Lightning dock connector could replace the current headphone jack seen on iPhone models up to the 5s. It would be a different way for people to listen to music through headphones, specifically designed to function with the iPhone — and it could be why Apple recently bought Beats.

Naturally you’ll still be able to get the oSnap app for free and text scents to your friends (or enemies). You will be able to pre-order oPhones starting June 17 so get ready to text a smell…

And now? We wait for the fart jokes…

[Photo courtesy of TheNextWeb.com]

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