100 Days Have Passed Since Malaysian Flight MH370 Went Missing, Has The World Moved On?

Families of passengers and cabin crew gathered in Malaysia to commemorate the 100th day of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. There were many kids who had lost their parents and it must have been their saddest Father’s Day.

The ‘Remember the MH370’ event was organized by Voice370, a next-of-kin association of 205 families of the MH370 passengers, which aims to “seek the truth behind” the disappearance of the ill-fated flight, reported Time.

The search for MH370, the jet that went missing more than 3 months ago, has turned up absolutely nothing, reported World Bulletin. Though hopes have been raised on multiple occasions, each of those leads turned out to be dead ends, said one of the relatives.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished mysteriously just about an hour after taking off for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur shortly after midnight March 8 2014. The Boeing 777-200ER was scheduled to land in Beijing the same morning. The 227 passengers on board included 5 Indians, 154 Chinese and 38 Malaysians. The plane deflected from its predetermined flight path and instead of heading to China, went on a wayward path deep into the Indian Ocean, before disappearing without a trace.

The search for the missing jet gained international attention and navies around the world responded by sending in their fleets to search and possibly rescue the passengers onboard the ill-fated flight. However, despite all the ultra-modern and cutting edge technology at their disposal, including unmanned submarines, the hunt is still fruitless.

Currently, the Australian Government and its navy are spearheading the search. In its endeavor to search for MH370, it recently deployed Bluefin-21 and other autonomous underwater submarines that use highly sophisticated hydrophones to ‘hear’ for any signs of the plane. In fact, earlier in the search, hydrophones deployed for entirely different reasons around the ocean had jointly heard a thud and it was believed to be the sound, MH370’s impact made. However, upon cross-referencing the co-ordinates, the sound can’t be confirmed to have been made by MH370.

The Australian Government recently decided to hire a third-party agency to search for the missing jet. The agency has been asked to search an area that is about 60,000 sq. km. and believed to be the most likely region where the plane might have ended up. Researchers are betting on this area since multiple ‘pings’ from the black box, believed to be dead for quite some time, sent out.

Looking at the tragic event, it might take years before this mystery of the missing jet is solved. Will the world have the same patience that the kin of the victims is forced to exhibit?

[Image Credit | The New Daily]

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