WWE News: WWE Diva AJ Lee Rumored To Be Pregnant

CM Punk and AJ Lee were married this past weekend according to reports, which is always a good thing to hear about. The two are still under contract with WWE, however neither have been seen on WWE TV in months. AJ Lee is set to come back within the next few months, but was first speculated to be back earlier this month.

This made the internet go crazy, and many wondered why she was not back yet. That caused plenty of speculation, and naturally there are true rumors that go around as well as false ones. One major rumor going around was that AJ was pregnant. Many speculated this due to her rushed exit from WWE and the fact that she wouldn’t be back for a while. We can report that, as of right now, AJ is NOT pregnant.

The rumor has blown up in several areas and various websites have had to write about the false story floating around.

AJ is still set to be back in the WWE soon, though no one knows the status of her now husband CM Punk. It is said that WWE is considering extending his WWE deal without his permission due to missed time. That does not mean he has to come back to the WWE, but it does mean that he cannot sign anywhere else to wrestle.

Many believe that he is done with wrestling for the time being, so it is quite surprising that WWE is sort of getting paranoid that he will jump to a TNA for example. Would he be able to after his 90 days is up, sure. Would he? Probably not. Punk is simply worn out and wanted a break, WWE didn’t want him to go, but he wanted to… so he took it.

Many believe that his attitude about it all could have jumped down to his now wife AJ Lee, or should we call her AJ Brooks? I wonder how that will go in a future production meeting.

In any case, many feel that AJ could be done with WWE for a while because of the fact that Punk is. Whether or not she is has yet to be determined. She does love the WWE and talks about how the McMahons have been like a family to her, and given her so much room and time over the years to develop. She also loves wrestling and has always wanted to be a WWE Diva. So it wouldn’t make much sense for her to just jump away. However, women have done crazy things over guys in the past. So it would not be out of the realm of possibility here.

The only thing we know for sure is that AJ is not pregnant. I’m sure the WWE is rejoicing in this, as she is a valued member to the WWE as potentially it’s best WWE Diva. So they would not want to lose her for another 9 months for darn sure.

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