Billy Miller To ‘General Hospital’: Is ‘The Young And The Restless’ Vet Taking On Jason Morgan Role?

Many Billy Miller fans have been clamoring to see him step into the role of Jason Morgan on General Hospital, and now the buzz is building that it may actually happen. At the very least, word has it that this The Young and the Restless veteran may be heading to Port Charles in some capacity, at least that’s the word from TV Guide’s Michael Logan.

Logan’s tweet regarding the casting quickly went viral. Fan support for the idea of Miller stepping into the role last played by Steve Burton has been building for months, and many wonder if those behind General Hospital listened. Logan tweeted, “Billy Miller. General Hospital. Done deal? This is what I’m hearing.” Chances are, given Logan’s sources, if he’s hearing it, it’s happening.

That said, Logan never said that the actor would play the character of Jason Morgan. It’s widely assumed to be the case by fans who wish it to be true, and the move would make sense. However, some other outlets, such as the Twitter page for Soaps In Depth ABC, are pointing out that fans may not want to make any assumptions regarding Billy Miller and General Hospital at this juncture. They tweeted, “Folks, don’t ASSUME that if Billy Miller joins #GH, it’ll be as Jason. He could play another part. He’d make a great Dillon, for example.”

If General Hospital indeed has scored this talented fan favorite, it would seem certain they would put him in a key role. Fans know that Jason Morgan is alive and likely headed back to Port Charles, and Miller does seem a natural to place in that role. However, there are other fans who see him as a perfect Dillon Quartermaine, Lucky Spencer, or even a new character.

There does seem to be a solid amount of fan response online from GH fans who aren’t necessarily sold on seeing Miller as Jason Morgan. The Young and the Restless fans, however, seem thrilled with the idea. At this point, of course, nobody officially in the mix of things has commented on the speculation.

If this casting scoop does come to fruition, it will be the second time that a fan favorite from The Young and the Restless moved over to General Hospital lately. Fans had been itching for months to see Michelle Stafford take on the role of Nina Clay, and it actually happened. While many had been pushing to see Michael Muhney take over the role of Jason, it doesn’t appear that fans will get their way on this one. Will Y&R fans at least have the pleasure of seeing Billy Miller head to Port Charles? If he does, will he indeed play Jason Morgan, or will it be a different character?

[Image: Zimbio]