Second Metro: Last Light gameplay video from E3 released

As promised, THQ has sent out part two of their multi-part video series showing off Metro: Last Light footage from the build on display to press at E3 last month.

Part two takes a more cinematic, suspensful approach in contrast to the action-heavy footage we saw out of the first video. Players who’ve never played a Metro game before may also be missing out on some context, but it’s still a worthy watch for newcomers and veterans alike.

In this video, the player and his partner decide the best way to hide from the army of Reich is to hide in plain sight. This goes wrong rather quickly, and the player and his companion are sent running for their dear life as bullets whiz past.

Metro: Last Light is due out next year on PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360. Check part two of the Metro: Last Light E3 demo directly below. If you missed out on part one, you can check that one out at this link.