The 2016 Presidential Election And The Next Manchurian Candidate

Incoming, US presidential election 2016! Radio talk show hosts, national news publications, and paid off political pundits from “A” to “Z” are busy speculating on who their next “shock and awe” candidate will be during the fast approaching 2016 presidential election. Inquisitr has already given us a nice election 2016 preview of who the “good ole’ boys” are most likely placing their bets on.

The Washington Post did a great job informing us recently about how giddy the Republican establishment has gotten about the (very remote) prospects of resurrecting Mitt Romney for a 2016 presidential run. Really? The same Mitt Romney that got trounced by Barack Obama just a few short years ago? I watched the debates, and honestly, I found the real differences between Romney and Obama to be barely palpable.

Next up on the Republican side for likely 2016 prospects would likely be Jeb Bush (oh please… let the dynasty continue), Chris Christie (George Washington Bridge scandal anyone?), Paul Ryan (of formerly defeated Romney fame), Marco “pro-immigration reform and potential repeat of the Eric Cantor defeat” Rubio, and then there is the “boogeyman” standing in the back of the room that few establishment politicians are willing to talk about (no not Ted Cruz; but no doubt if your guess was Cruz you wouldn’t be wrong). There is a slightly more palatable candidate in the establishment’s view that would serve to attract a large amount of Tea Party support and who would likely re-invigorate the younger, more libertarian leaning segment of the Republican Party in the 2016 election — that candidate being Rand Paul. Oh you didn’t just say Rand Paul did you? Yes I did. No doubt the establishment will kick him to the curb when the time comes (if they can).

I’ve got one big message for the Republican establishment prior to election 2016: Hey, what just happened to Eric Cantor? What just happened to your boy in the house who was going to make “immigration reform” a reality? I would follow that question up with, based on the same logic, how popular is Marco Rubio (hint: he trails Hillary in FL right now)? Sure, his district may be more accepting of his position on immigration reform, but what about the nation as a whole? Even the wildly unpopular “Affordable Care Act” passed into law before immigration reform. And it’s not even that the American people are against reforming the clearly outdated immigration system. In fact, NBC News tells us that a whopping 78 percent of Republican primary voters support a step-by-step approach to enacting real immigration reform.

What the voters don’t support is a man-made child refugee crisis on our southern border, a descent into lawlessness on the part of the establishment by not enforcing existing laws, and a corporate agenda to grant some form of amnesty to millions of “newly arrived workers” who will then replace the American blue collar workers at much lower wages.

By speaking in terms of this one controversial issue, we, the American public, can truthfully come to terms with what’s really going on here prior to the 2016 election. That is simply this: The establishment wants what it wants and it will do what it wants until voters in both parties become upset enough with the status quo and decide to enact real change. In regards to the establishment push for “immigration reform,” the left gets millions of new potential voters and the right gets cost effective labor which will help “cushion” the corporate costs of complying with the “Affordable Care Act.” And it’s like this on nearly every issue! Who really wins here? The “two-headed” establishment or the American people?

On the left in 2016: your choices look to be between Joe “the walking gaffe” Biden and Hillary “What difference does it make?” Clinton. Wow, how exciting! With choices like that I’m sure most Democrats will be lining up at the doors to enthusiastically make sure their ballots get cast in time (sarcasm, yes). If it’s any indication of election 2016 excitement on the left, the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book is outselling Hillary’s Hard Choices right now on Amazon. I can’t resist this one… when we’re talking about election 2016 candidates, the title of Hillary’s book is nearly prophetic. Hard Choices is right on the money!

Barring the entry of a third-party or non-establishment, hand-picked candidate from either party, the 2016 presidential election is looking to be a lot more of the same.